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  • i want to see the entirety of the lemmyverse flourish; that includes lemmy.world

    switching my feed to primary instance that doesn’t defederate laid bare to me that there’s a stark fractionalization of the lemmyverse between it and .world that’s getting wider and using humor was my foolish attempt to let a newbie, like i was, know that collective leftism is at the heart of the lemmyverse and if you don’t like diet reddit there’s plenty of other flavors.

    i honestly didn’t think i’d get much of any reaction beyond some up/down votes so “main character” and “other options” feedback are making me regret my approach

  • EDIT: Thanks for the downvotes, message received. I wasn’t aware that my opinion was so popular. I’ll post something less popular next time.

    i was wonder who you pissed off before reading the entirety of your posts because of the negative downvotes. i usually only see that on lemmy.world when someone posts anything pejorative about biden.

    the federal government attempted to use arguments like your in enforcing title 9 related issues; but it’s proven to be a losing strategy legally and you’re seeing that it’s not popular socially either.

    you’re not wrong, but cis-heteronormativity rules this world and so long they’re still in charge and sexual minorities continue to be heavily influenced by it; this paradigm is not going to shift.