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  • I wish a knowledgable person would break down the pros and cons of the various streaming platforms. I use YouTube Music because Spotify has basically destroyed podcasts and gives Joe Rogan a platform, I tried Apple Music but its classical selection is totally different from the others and I didn’t have the things I had come to expect, and I still dislike YouTube. Google Play Music was literally perfect to me but nothing else is like it.

  • Classical music which can be quite obscure and not very popular to actual classical music lovers can turn up in funky places.

    Like for example this famous British Airways commerical; https://youtu.be/RVi6GgQBkwE?feature=shared

    The music is from an opera called Lakmé which is almost NEVER performed (mostly because the plot is pretty thin and the soprano needs a really specific type of voice to perform, and it’s just not that interesting to stage), but everyone who reads this comment will know the tune.

    This aria by Vivaldi will also be immediately familiar to anyone who has heard classical music in a commercial: https://youtu.be/EbkrQ2go3-M?feature=shared.

    It’s from an opera called Dorilla en Tempe. Almost never staged (Baroque opera is its own category and has a very niche audience), but while millions would recognize the music nobody would know where it was from. I’m a huge opera fan and I only discovered where this piece was from by stumbling on the opera and thinking I really should try more Baroque opera.