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  • I’m not sure I understand. As recently as a few years ago, it was common to find high quality long-form articles on just about any subject linked from your favorite subreddits/tweeters/etc. Now, it seems like the majority of “news” articles I come across are vapid, two paragraph, summaries of a Reddit post or Twitter thread, that don’t anything substantive of their own. I mean, yeah you could find a lot of that 5 years ago too, but now it’s hard to find anything else. It wasn’t that long ago that we had newspapers and magazines, both online and offline, that were actually known for hard-hitting, in-depth journalism. Then they all got sold to companies like Meredith and Conde Nast and have become nothing but thinly veiled advertising. I guess my point is that it hasn’t always been that way, and it doesn’t have to be that way now.

  • For me, discovery is the entire reason to use streaming services. I have a ton of hard drive space, and know how to find anything I want to download. I have a fairly large music collection from before the days of streaming. But streaming services help me discover all kinds of things I’d likely never hear otherwise. They still suck, as in they’re greedy as hell and the quality is mid, but I don’t know what I’d do if I had to listen to the same stuff all the time.

  • There will likely be no benefit for the employees or the users. For the PE firm, the goal is usually to pump up the value and resell or reenter the market, at a massive profit, in a few years. To do that, they’ll have to make a lot of unpopular choices, such as layoffs and other cost cutting measures. If they’re privately held, those choices have far less impact on the value of the company, since the stock market is heavily swayed by public perception.

  • wrekonetoTechnology@lemmy.worldwhat lemmy web app do you use and why?
    2 months ago

    Sync. It seemed to have the closest feature set to RiF early on and I’ve just stuck with it since then. I try other apps occasionally. They all have their strengths but Sync feels the most polished.

    edit: Sync has started the inserting ads into my feed. Maybe they always have and I just didn’t see them because I use DNS based ad blocking? They have an ad free version, but it’s too much at $20. Even worse, the “ultimate” edition uses a subscription model, or is $99. For a Lemmy app? Insane. Guess it’s time to change apps.

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    The vast majority of news will never directly impact my life. While I care a lot about people in general, I can’t spend my time worrying about everything. Leaving (major) social media was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.